About Eclectic


Eclectic ----- borrowing freely from diverse sources; not exclusive in taste --- from the Greek ( eklego .... pick out)

The above explains fully why our group is titled 'Eclectic ' we do not pick and perform from one genre but from many. Some of what the trio play and I sing will be familiar and there will be some numbers that are not, but they deserve an airing, and we hope that you will enjoy what you hear and possibly search for them to listen to them again, thus saving them from fading away to oblivion.

Our portfolio consists of numbers from the great American Song Book, spiced up with some wonderful Latin American sounds of the bossa nova's of Jobim, Bonfa, Gil, Lobo and Gilberto, add to this the sophistication of some of European composers such as Weil, Prevert, Trenet, Legrand plus McCartney and Newley.

We in 'Eclectic' hope that you get as much enjoyment listening to what we have to offer as we do offering it to you.